The Girl Of Beasts

by the Artemis Glow

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released August 19, 2016

Vocals, Instrumentation and Production by: Gwyniver Rhy Norton
Vocals on Follow Us, Homokora and Figurine by: Casey Smith
Violin on Blackend Tips and Once, Twice, Then Gone by: Pippet Oso Sautierelle



all rights reserved


the Artemis Glow Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Follow Us
Asterisks and open signs
Background noise, then thoughts collide
Ballads to love I'll find
To love that's changed and love I'll know in time
But if that is what I took to
Take myself this good hard look through
Everything, everything, everything
Is coming up, coming up in some way
Everything, everything, everything
Is looking up, looking up, so look out

If you want to
Let it all out
You can breathe in
You can call out
If you want to
You can let it out
Follow Us, Follow Us

Everything is coming up, everything is falling down
Track Name: Blink Those Eyes
To glimpse your wrist
My shattered fist
Entangling arms
Aligning palms
Embracing bones
Then tracing toes
Within these molds
Some fractals hold
But unknown to
This quiet room
Of beating hearts
Fill up those pots
An image breaks
To start our day
So blink those eyes
With whats misplaced

Blank slates don't make us wait,
We guess up our unconscious states
Safe minds fail to hide inside imageless idealess drive

Don't close your eyes
We sit inside
Into the air
Open to...
Track Name: Homokora
my love is aloft

animal noises outside

i am but dreaming a life now
but one day soon i will hatch

aya shaya lem ne sa n’ai
holan napan din

i take time

in the quiet moments
send o u t
a pulse

aya shaya lem ne sa n’ai
holan napan din

do you understand me?

do you know
up and down?

i feel it but i do not see.
where does it come from?
where does it go?

show me the animal
i'll show you the life

shela ne mori!

aya shaya lem ne sa n’ai
holan napam din

grace , please

digale ees alan homkora tala
homo laya de tyd
Track Name: Quiet, Oh
In quiet nights
I've woven up
From webs of
Twisted up vines
I lay myself down
So slowly
Oh how I've grown
Can see the beauty
Reflected up off eyeless stairs of...

Quiet, Oh
Quiet now
How can you expect to move
If you don't get those feet up?
Quiet, Oh
Quiet Down
To feel, to grow, to learn, to love
Even a former self

Get those feet up
No get those feet up

From loud lights
They closed up fontanelles
To quiet sounds
That teach us how to tell so well
The movements of satellites over town
In hurried lines they tell us she's coming
Tell us she's here right now

Quiet, oh
Quiet now
How could you expect to move
If you don't get those feet up?
Then off with what
I've known from myself
Embracing times of tears
To know I'm real and that I've felt
Quiet, oh
Quiet now
How could you expect to move
If you don't get those feet up?
Get those feet up
Get those feet up
Track Name: Likeness
If we were to find those lines
That lead us towards the end of time
Would you want to go?
Oh, oh
I ask, then break to separate
To scale the weight
Upon the gaze
Two dwarf stars spinning
Into my arms, I'm fitting
My hands into shapes
To decay from an age
Where likeness creeps
Like a head into dreams
'Cause what I have seen
From these in turned knees
Is to go on home now
Wipe the ink out from my brow
Said the salt to fettered poor sows
'I've chosen to run along now'

If we were to spend our years
Removed from thoughts
From hopes
From fears
Could you find your way home?
I Speculate that rainy days
Our chance to lay like spoons prostrate
Between your arms
I'm slipping
I'm two dwarf stars begetting
Making light take shape
To reconstruct our day
WIth you and me
Granite beneath
Apologies came, but with no need
Let's go on home now
Wipe the past out from my brow
Familiar roads we follow south
The loving words would join our mouths

Following so close behind
I've taught myself to trace those leaf lined skies
Named but I couldn't mind
I've gone and hung up my coat
But after all could not be known
And whose to speak of clean cut stones
So worn off twice, but I'm frail
And this moment is fine
Track Name: Figurine
I came to you with my palms open
Gifted you a small
Figurine of me
He'll perch upon your shoulder, love
And guide you
By your heartstrings towards
All that will make you happy.

And you make me happy.

The dust starts shining,
the vibration climbing
Over and over the airwaves.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Ashes to ashes and dust to star.

Starlight to starlight to your eyes,
To your eyes,
Becoming part of us.

Hush now. Don't think.

Volcanoes create
(As much as they destroy)
An island
(Islands float)
You, the island
(In one sea)
Becoming part of all.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust..
Track Name: Grace While Caroling
Held fast between
Your thumb and my cheek
I'm running around
Running around
I have not believed
That space inbetween
Could hold back your face from me now
And I ask
And you do
Of complex causal truths

Between your hands
Your eyelashes
Flutter back in time